Retail Business Group is targeted towards Micro Entrepreneurs and the economically active poor through our quality products and services which cut across the various sectors.

Loan Products

Working Capital

A flexible short term loan that businesses need for their day-to-day trading operations. The facility amount depends on credit evaluation.

Over Draft Facility

This is a credit facility that allows customers to overdraw their business current account. It gives the customer the flexibility to borrow on the same account that is used for their daily banking transactions. It allows them to access additional funds, up to an approved limit based on business cash flow.

Asset Acquisition Finance

This facility is granted to businesses for the purchase of specific fixed asset(s) that are used in the ordinary course of the business in generating sales or facilitating production of goods meant for resale or necessary for the day to day running of the business.

Female Entrepreneur Loan

This is a discounted loan facility targeted at hands-on female entrepreneurs who require financing to scale up their businesses. It is available to all females of the SME Boutique Women’s Exclusive Club.